5th Grade Super Soaker

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PATERSON, NJ - The work of notable figures such as Neil deGrasse Tyson, Benjamin Banneker and Gordon Parks came to life at John P. Holland Charter School recently as part of the student’s commemoration of black history month.

According to Dean of Students, Dr. Heru Keonté, this year’s celebration, by acknowledging the work of the three giants, incorporated STEAM curriculum into the effort to honor the “rich and diverse history,” of Black leaders in the United States.

The kindergarten students chose to celebrate the works of Garrett Morgan, the inventor of the smoke masks and the traffic light, by replicating his inventions.

“My students created star formations which is something Tyson researches as an astrophysicist,” Ms. Seetaram said of her first grade class. Finally, students in Christopher Drake’s 5th grade class  used directions they found on the internet to built water guns replicating Lonnie Johnson’s invention of the Super Soaker. 

1st grade Star Formation

Kindergarten replicas of inventions by Garrett Morgan.