Davon Daniels

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Steve Lenox

PATERSON, NJ - Paterson's 2nd annual poetry festival featured the works of nationally renowned poets, men and women whose verses have inspired change across New Jersey, and some of the city's most creative students.

Among those who performed Saturday was Davon Daniels, a student at John P. Holland Charter School and the 1st Place winner of the student poetry competition for the middle school age level.

TAPinto Paterson is proud to share Davon's work:

This City

A Poem Written By: Davon Daniels
John P. Holland Charter School

I want to be successful in my life

I want to do the most that I can.

But there is only one problem that I have

And it is this city where I stand. 



That city that is full of litter?

The city with many shootings?

The city where drug addicts jitter?


If I tell them where I’m from,

Will their opinions change on me?

Will they reject me 

And I’ll have to change who I want to be?


This city is frowned down upon

By the people who live in this state.

And even people who have heard of it

Don’t think it’s so great.


Sure, some people became successful

Like Larry Doby and Victor Cruz

They came from Paterson

But they didn’t use this as their excuse.


But today this city is known as lame.

The new generation from here are seen as dumb.

There’s no point in changing it now.

People’s opinions have gone numb.


Everyone comes here to take

And throw away their trash

No one sees the promise

All they see is cash.


I want to be successful in life.

And do the most that I can.

I will raise this city with me.

As I grow into a man.