Commissioner visiting JPHCS

By Gabriella Dragone
Published March 8, 2023 at 6:57 AM

WOODLAND PARK, NJ – New Jersey's Commissioner of Education, Dr. Angelica Allen-McMillan, visited the John P. Holland Charter School in Woodland Park on Tuesday. The visit was part of her ongoing efforts to connect with schools throughout the state and engage with students in the classroom, she said.

Dr. Allen-McMillan kicked off her visit by reading to a group of first-grade students for Read Across America Day. The book she read was “Ten Apples Up On Top” by Dr. Seuss, which delighted the young students. The commissioner’s visit was a unique experience for them, who were thrilled to have such an important guest in their classroom, school officials said. 

Following the reading session, Dr. Allen-McMillan was given a tour of the school by Founder Christina Scano. The tour included stops at various classrooms, such as the 5th through 8th grade science room where their hydroponic garden is located, allowing the commissioner to see firsthand how the school is meeting the needs of its students. 

During the tour, the commissioner also had the opportunity to meet with several teachers and staff members who shared with her their experiences and challenges in providing quality education to their students. 

Dr. Allen-McMillan said that she was impressed with the school’s commitment to meeting the diverse needs of its students, and she praised the teachers and staff for their dedication to their students’ success.

“I really want to acknowledge the heartbeat of the school that I see as one of love,” Dr. Allen-McMillan said. “Everyone here is so invested in this community, and that has led to you [Scano] being able to attract great talent. When I think about John P. Holland, what I would say is it is a place that truly values the voice of everyone, and to come here and to witness the voice of everyone being equally valued is a testament to the work that they do here, and my office remains at the ready to assist you in achieving your goals.” 

This was Dr. Allen-McMillan’s first visit to John P. Holland Charter School.